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We welcome your questions and comments. To speak to someone in person, please call our National Contact Centre:  0800 Coca-Cola or 0800 262 226.

Existing Customers

For existing customers requiring assistance and/or rapid support from our service technicians please call our National Contact Centre on the above number and quote the Vendor Number.


What sets Coca-Cola Vending apart from the competition?

We have fantastic people, equipment and products, including the world’s number one brand, Coca-Cola. We are dedicated to keeping your equipment clean, filled, and working. Our equipment features the latest technology and is energy efficient.

How much does a Coca-Cola vending machine cost?

In most cases, the machine is free, provided that you purchase product directly from us.

How long does it take to get a Coca-Cola vending machine?

In general, we are able to get you a vending machine within approximately seven days.

Is there a contract?

There is a basic equipment placement agreement that acknowledges the placement of our machine in your premises.

What if I want a snack machine too?

We can arrange for a mix of snack and beverage machines and products that will meet all of your vending needs.

How many soft drink vending machines do I need?

Every account is different; our vending team will work with you to determine which machine(s) will best meet your needs.

What type of vending machines do you offer?

We have two types of vending machines: stack and glass-front. A number of variables will determine the right machine, including indoor/outdoor, volume, and desired product mix. If the machine will be outdoors, it will have to be a stack vender.  Our vending team will work with you to determine the best solution.

Do you also offer water in vending machines?

In addition to sparkling soft drinks, energy drinks and juices, we also have waters (Pump®) and teas (Fuze®).

What about subsidising the price for my employees? This is a very popular programme for many employers who want to provide inexpensive drinks to their employees as a benefit.  Our vending team will work with you to determine the right plan for you and your employees.

How do I order a machine?

Complete the online form and an account manager will contact you within two business days.

What brands are available?

We have a full line of Coca-Cola products. Here is the full list of brands.
When will my vending machine be filled? Our goal is to keep the vending machine in stock. The frequency of when a machine gets filled varies greatly based on the size of the vender and the consumer demand. Our business systems provide information to determine when inventory is low, and a driver is then sent to fill your machine.

Will my vending machine be cashless?

Our vending machines come standard with a dollar bill validator and coin changer. Also, our vending machines accept credit cards and have cashless options with Quicktap™ technology.

Can I get a credit card reader on my vending machine?

All our vending machines are capable of having a credit card reader installed.  Working with our vending team, we will outfit your machine with the payment systems to meet your needs.

How much energy does a vending machine consume?

Our vending machines meet the highest standards for energy efficiency. Most of our machines are Energy Star certified. On average, they consume less than 7-8 kWh per day. The use of timers can reduce electrical expense. And when appropriate, energy management devices can be installed to further reduce electrical expense. Costs per kWh vary across the country.  Contact your local utility company to determine your kWh cost.