Workplace Safety – a top priority at CCA

April 28, 2016 12:35 pm

The 28th of April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work and coincidentally, April 2016 also marks the 6th year since the launch of our Zero Harm programme. In April 2010, New Zealand’s less than exemplary safety record and the resulting costs to businesses and the economy were a major concern. Following a groundswell of unease about the situation, the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum was launched. We were amongst a group of nearly 100 Chief Executives and Managing Directors from New Zealand’s largest companies who pledged to create an environment of ‘Zero Harm’ in the workplace.

What is Zero Harm?

Zero Harm means achieving and sustaining a work environment in which there are zero work-related injuries or illnesses. Safety is promoted as not only the responsibility of the Health & Safety Team, but everyone, everywhere, everyday has a role to play in keeping each other safe and well. All employees are involved; from demonstrating in their personal development plans on how they are actively maintaining the Zero Harm culture, through to participating in company-wide education campaigns such as the online driver education training module developed to help staff understand the new road rules introduced in 2012. The Zero Harm programme is also an integral part of the induction process for new staff.


Since the start of the program we’ve had a significant improvement in our TRIFR (Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate) score. In 2011 our TRIFR score was 33.71. Comparatively our latest score for 2015 was 8. Our aim is to get our TRIFR score even lower in 2016.