Whittaker’s and L&P Launch a Classic Kiwi Combo

July 16, 2013 3:50 pm

Two of New Zealand’s most iconic brands join forces to create a uniquely Kiwi range of chocolate - Whittaker's L&P. Whittaker’s kicked-off the launch of Whittaker’s L&P chocolate with a public display of “the accident that New Zealand has been waiting for” – a Whittaker’s delivery van sporting the brand’s iconic logo was ‘crashed’ into the iconic L&P bottle statue in Paeroa. It reflects the advertisement for the chocolate that is on the Whittaker’s Facebook page and is due to run on television. Whittaker’s Marketing Manager Holly Whittaker said the Whittaker’s van and the L&P bottle scene was about bringing together two iconic Kiwi brands as a bit of fun for the local community and Facebook fans. "We know how proud Paeroa is of L&P, so we wanted to give locals an early hint of what they can look forward to." Ms Whittaker said “We’re thrilled with the new Whittaker’s L&P range. We make a wide range of chocolate, and we are constantly developing innovative new chocolate flavours for our customers.”