The Juicy Details – Keri Juice Plant officially opened

October 1, 2016 3:14 pm

The newest addition to CCA's manufacturing network, the Keri Juice Plant, was officially opened to a crowd of excited guests, including Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce, Powerade ambassador Mahe Drysdale and the Group Leadership Team lead by Alison Watkins, on Friday September 23.

The new state-of-the-art beverage plant located at 21 Timberly Road, Mangere was unveiled with a traditional pre-dawn Maori blessing from local iwi Te Aakitai Waiohua.

The plant itself stretches to more than 10,000 square meters and has the capacity to produce  800,000 bottles a day. Among the 36,000 bottles produced every hour are Keri Juices, Powerade, Fuze Tea, and Pumped flavoured water.

Special guests, customers, staff and friends of CCANZ were invited to celebrate the occasion and enjoyed a tour of the plant to see the new technology in action. They were able to hold the preform bottles that are processed to become the bottles of some of our most popular beverages.
The Honourable Steven Joyce officially opened the plant and unveiled our new plaque, written in both English and Maori. He was joined by Chris Litchfield, CCA Group Managing Director Alison Watkins, and Coca-Cola South Pacific President Roberto Mercadé. Minister Joyce said he was pleased to see Coca-Cola's continued investment in the economy through local manufacturing.

Constructed as part of our effort to improve sustainability and efficiency, the Keri Juice Plant more than doubles the capabilities of previous plants and consolidates operations into a central and accessible hub. 

The plant also debuts our new Nitro Hot-Fill technology which creates lighter bottles. This enables a reduction in preform weight from 40.0 grams per bottle to 28.4 grams per PET plastic bottle, offering a 29% reduction in overall bottle weight. This equates to a reduction in PET consumption of 175 tonnes per annum.

The Keri Juice Plant will operate 24 hours a day to ensure Kiwis can continue to enjoy our delicious products, with the knowledge that we as a business are also reducing our carbon footprint and are committed to driving exciting and new innovations.