International Women’s Day – People Profile: Emma Massey

March 8, 2018 12:57 pm


Oftentimes the pathway to the future isn't a direct one. Emma Massey, Senior Commercial Analyst at Coca-Cola Amatil started her career journey at The University of Auckland studying what all accountants must perfect to progress her accounting career - French. Eventually, Emma graduated with the unique combination of a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

Emma’s pathway to the future began at one end of the spectrum. Starting as an intern at one of the Big-4 Accounting firms, her time was best described as a baptism by fire. 

"They definitely work you hard!" says Emma. "You get thrown in the deep end and you have no choice but to learn quickly."

Not one to shy away from hard work, she embraced the hectic role which became an essential training ground to develop important soft skills such as time management and client relationships. It also gave her great exposure to management – Emma was rapidly promoted several times to become a Field Manager.

Emma's first role as a financial accountant was at another FMCG company. It was there she experienced the opposite side of the spectrum. This was very different from the sink or swim culture at a Big-4. This role gave Emma a great industry foundation, however, career progression and professional development was more limited. "We were a very small finance team and unfortunately there weren’t many opportunities to move up" says Emma.

By the 12th month mark, growth and learning opportunities plateaued and Emma began seeking new opportunities which brought her to Coca-Cola Amatil New Zealand.

It is here that Emma thrived and started to sharpen both her technical capabilities and leadership skills. Amatil utilise the 70/20/10 Development Framework for learning - 70% learning through experience, 20% through exposure and 10% through education. Emma faced challenging assignments and projects head on gaining crucial experience in the process.

Development opportunities through exposure and education were available throughout her time at Amatil. Two courses particularly stood out for Emma - Amatil's Development Centre for Emerging Leaders and the Women In Leadership Conference in 2017.

"It was powerful to hear from NZ's top female leaders," Emma says "It's nice to see someone else's pathway, learn from their experience and understand how they overcame their challenges".

Another platform which helped Emma further her career is the Advance with Finance framework. Launched recently in 2017, this takes a holistic approach to developing people and incorporates both technical and Amatil's Leadership capabilities.

"I did an exercise to find out what skill sets I'm heavy in and where I need to learn. This helped me identify and go after my new role a Senior Commercial Analyst to further progress my career."

The word "harmony" comes to mind when thinking about her time at Coca-Cola Amatil. It's difficult to find a role which provides a balance of career development opportunities and progressing your career on your terms.

"I've found my career pathway at Coca-Cola Amatil"