Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our consumers.

Flat Product

Why is my product flat?
There are a number of external factors that can contribute to a product being flat. Prior to purchase, the bottle may have been mishandled at some stage, or stored incorrectly. For example if the storage conditions are too warm or extremely cold, carbonation can escape from the bottles causing it to go flat. Please note PET plastic is a porous material.

Aged Product

I’ve purchased some product and the Best Before Date has now expired. Is it safe to drink?
Best Before Dates represent the durable life of the product under normal storage conditions. After this date, the product quality may not be at its optimum in terms of carbonation levels and flavour. However, there are no health or safety issues associated with the shelf life of the products that we manufacture, provided they remain sealed.

Parallel Imported Product

I’ve purchased product which looks like it’s been produced overseas, but it’s one of your brands. Is it ok? 
Parallel importing of products, such as Coca-Cola, is legal as long as it complies with local regulations. This includes labelling regulations.

While we would prefer that businesses and retailers purchased our locally-made products, we cannot control how an individual or company chooses to source product.

We recommend that people check the products to see that they have been manufactured locally by us, that the product is within the best before date, and therefore can be fully confident of the safety, quality and freshness of the product.

If you are dissatisfied with the parallel imported product that you have purchased, then we encourage you to contact the supplier of that product.


I’ve received a communication from The Coca-Cola Company (or you) which sounds like a hoax. What should I do? 

Neither The Coca-Cola Company nor Coca-Cola Amatil will contact you ‘unsolicited’ with claims that you have won a prize, or the promise of quick financial gain, in return for your personal financial information.

If you have received an email, a text message or a letter of this nature, claiming it is from The Coca-Cola Company or Coca-Cola Amatil then it will be a scam.

The best way to avoid becoming the victim of advance-fee fraud is to delete the email immediately and ensure your computer email security protection is up to date.

We recommend that you also report the scam to the Ministry of Consumer affairs scam watch services, which can be accessed via the following website:

The following page from New Zealand Police also has more information on these types of scams:

If you have received an unsolicited TXT message, you can also forward the message to the Department of Internal Affairs to 7726 (free-of-charge). For more information on this free service, please visit the Department of Internal Affairs website: here