Grinders Coffee is one of New Zealand’s largest coffee suppliers, with a wide range of coffee brands and equipment to suit all our customers’ espresso needs.  Grinders Coffee was established in 1962 in Lygon Street, the centre of Melbourne’s famous Italian quarter by two Italian coffee roasters, Giancarlo Giusti and Rino Benassi; out of frustration at a lack of quality, freshly roasted beans and blends available at the time. Our Grinder’s coffee blends are specifically suited to high end cafés and restaurants.

We are able to service our quick-service retail and business-to-business customers by way of our Cafe Direct business. This can range from a simple barista offer in a bakery or food-bar through to a fully automated machine for the workplace environment.  We supply and service a range of automated machines serving our Halo and Expressions coffee blends which are roasted daily at our fluidised hot air roasting facility in Avondale, Auckland. Our coffee blends are supported by a comprehensive range of teas, chocolates, toppings and all other consumables required to meet our customers’ total hot beverage requirements.